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1. Camera that change focus after taking photo:

Ever realised after clicking a great picture that you focused on the wrong thing or that you shot it completely out of focus? That's where the Lytro 11-Megaray Light Field comes in handy which can change focus after you've captured a photo. Lytro Cameras take in rays of light travelling in all directions through a scene, instead of creating a flat 2D image. You can buy online under Rs. 40,000.

2. Flying Alarm Clock:

Are you always late because of hitting that snooze button every morning? If you need something more reliable to wake up, Noctronique's flying alarm clock will nag you awake by releasing a mini propeller that will whizz across you room while making an irritating noise. The only way to shut it off is to catch the little devil and put it back into the base clock. It may not guarantee that you won't plomp right back into bed, chasing a noisy whirly bird around your room should get you to keep your eyes open and your body amped. This device is available on many online sites for around Rs.2500-Rs.3000.

3. Spy Button camera:

If you need to record something secretly all you need is a buttoned-down shirt and the spy button camera. Spy glasses and pens can be detectable but the chances of someone suspected a button are less likely. Not to mention it has HD recording. You better be careful because if you're caught it's going to hard to explain how far you went for spying on someone. You can buy yours online for about Rs. 1,500.


4. Wireless Laser Keyboard Projector:

You know you're living in the future when you have a virtual Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket. ShowMe's virtual laser projection wireless keyboard projects a virtual keyboard on any flat opaque surface and makes you feel like you're in a Star Trek movie. Connect it to your gadget by bluetooth and you're all set. How does it work? Magic! Well no, it works by a sensor that detects the infrared light reflecting off your finger as you 'click', and computes it as a keystroke. Get yours online under Rs. 4000.

5. Joby's GripTight GorillaPod Stand:

Can't get the perfect selfie because you don't have robotic extendable arms. Joby griptight gorilla pod is something you'd want to look up right now. All you got to do is attach your phone to the flexible spring loaded tripod and then grip it on to anything else. It folds flat and it easy to carry around, not to mention it has a small hole that lets you hook it up to a key chain. You can buy it online for around Rs. 1,500-4000.

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